14. Juni 2013

comme des garcons / temporary boutique in berlin


To promote their new fragant Blue Comme des Garçons invited artist Thomas Pauzs to contribute to a small exhibition held in a temporary Comme des Garçons Boutique in Berlin. As the perfume – actually it is not one, but three different ones – is all about minerals and wood, Thomas Pauzs experimented with chrystals, metal and wood. The results are really intruiging, and worth seeing. The exhibition is still open until the 27th of July – aaaand you officially need an invitation to enter. But luckily, I have 20 x 2 invitations for you to give away! Just leave a comment with a valid email address, and I will email it to you pronto.

PS: I was invited to a dinner for the opening of the boutique, and guess who also attended? Well you never guess… Michael Stipe! Yes. THE Michael Stipe. (Actually I told this several people already, and most of them were like „Michael Who?“ So in case you are also one of these ignorant people: he is the singer of R.E.M.!! See – worth mentioning, right?)

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  1. Hui wie schön – das würde ich mir unendlich gerne anschauen!

  2. I just stumbled upon your article. I am fascinated! So are there any invitations left? I’d love to have one!

  3. Everybody I told said „Michael Who?!“ too… :(