Juli 13th, 2014

Krautkopf Dinner / Who wants to join me?

Januar 1st, 2014

Happy New Year!

Alex and I wish you only the best for the upcoming year! I am excited of what might come. Hopefully we will have a little bit more time to meet you here. Best, Fenke & Alex

Juli 5th, 2013

Fine Jewellery for Summer

Feine Kette mit Ring von Plietsh, via Styleserver | Ohrfäden von Inga 6er Set Ringe von &other stories Stabohrringe in Roségold von Hook and Matter Lange Gliederkette von TomShot

Juli 3rd, 2013

Lipstains – a preview

Mehr dazu folgt bald.

Juni 30th, 2013

Tiny Humans

My favorite two on a walk through the city yesterday.

Juni 16th, 2013

Noa & me

Some weeks ago I was interviewed by Isabel for the website littleyears.de – and the best thing were the photos that were taken by Cem Guenes. It is soo nice to have some decent photos of Noa & me… Head on over there to see more: www.littleyears.de

Juni 15th, 2013

Domino Tables by Thomas Pausz

A few weeks ago I saw the table in the first picture in the workplace of lasernlasern, but although I was really intrigued by the colourful combination of hundreds of little tiles, I somehow forgot to ask who made it. Then, yesterday, when I wrote about Thomas Pauzs and I checked his website – I […]